Johnnie Morton Is Some Kind of Bad-Ass

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The Fighting Entertainment Group announced a press conference yesterday for some kind of a Mixed Martian Arts pay-per-view thing. I'm not very big into the MMA/Ultimate Fighting scene, so I was surprised to learn that they're now employing WWF guys and retired NFL wide receivers.

The press conference will introduce four of the key fighters for the event: MMA legend Royce Gracie, former WWE wrestler and NCAA national champion amateur wrestler Brock Lesnar, 7-foot-2-inch K-1 fighter Hong-Man Choi, and former NFL player Johnnie Morton.

I'm surprised Jeff George never went that route in retirement.

I don't know if they have an opponent figured out for him, but... well, Matt Millen did once call Morton a "faggot." And Jay Leno's out there, too. Leno made fun of Morton's 0-12 Lions once upon a time, prompting Morton to tell Leno to kiss his ass. Two-on-one handicap match, Johnnie Morton vs. Matt Millen and Jay Leno? There would be no downside.


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