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Johnny Damon Is Still Gone

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Just to be mean, the New York Post ran this photo illustration on its back page today, and we officially enter Day 2 of the Johnny Damon to the Yankees story: Acceptance. Red Sox fans are having trouble with the move, including one saying, "enjoy your corporate haircut, Johnny: You're dead to me." (Even our big sister at Gawker is getting in on the act.) Oh, and we just found an eBay page where you could buy Damon's soul, though, unfortunately, the sourpusses at eBay have taken it down.


Nothing from Bill Simmons so far, probably because he's hosting a radio show all week and hasn't learned the Stephen A. Smith trick of writing columns on a blackberry while doing voice exercises. But we think our commenters had the best takes on this story yesterday, particularly "kranepool," who nails our thoughts: "Sources out of Boston say it was Hideki Matsui agreeing to share his extensive porn collection with Damon that sealed the deal with him signing with the Highlanders." This has to totally be true.


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