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Johnny Damon, It's Shearing Time

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See that? That's how Johnny Damon's gonna look from now on: Shaved, shorn and in pinstripes. We, for one, are relieved; this greatly decreases the possibility of Fever Pitch 2.

As reported first by our boy Jon Heyman at Newsday last night, Damon is about to sign a four-year, $52 million deal with the Yankees. (We're not giving all this credit to Heyman just because he's the only one who originally gave us Matt Lawton credit — though that didn't hurt.)


We haven't quite adjusted our eyes yet to Damon playing for the Yankees: We won't believe it until we see it. Imagine, say, John Kruk or Darren Daulton actually winning that World Series in '93 and leaving the Phillies two days later to play for the Mets. And triple that. We just hope he doesn't start hanging out with A-Rod; we do imagine a violent Damon-Matsui collision at some point, though. We can already see it in our mind.

Heeeeeeeere's Johnny [Newsday]

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