We find ourselves on yet another Saturday morning cultivating the best efforts of the (mostly) drunken, (mostly) teen-aged minds of those shirking the responsibility and honor associated with higher education for some good fuckin' times. God bless you, you animals.

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Well Played

OSU Recruit me? Why would you want...ohhhhhhh, right. Right.

The implication appears to be that Johnny Manziel would or could have sex with A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, thus making him a better man.


Hey, who'd you take for "Intro to stuff that rhymes" freshman year?

and, a retort:


Alright, sir.

College Station's like a box of chocolates: you never know where the shitty, scared-of-teh-gays ones are hiding


ESPN sources: As real as Te'o's girlfriend

Lunar wordplay


Woulda guessed "WD-40 and powerful antipsychotics," but if you're saying "mothballs," then I'll go with that.