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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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We've already begged you to join our College Football Pick 'Em group — in which an impressive number of you picked every game correctly. (We did not. We weren't even close.) Well, now comes the big one: Our Big NFL Deadspin Pants Party Pick 'Em Group.

As you might have noticed, the Sports Feller has his own group now, and even though we won't be able to compete with his numbers, we'd have to think the Deadspin readership could certainly score better. (Particularly if the Patriots struggle.)


So, you know, join in, sign up and have fun. You have until Thursday, so we'll certainly be annoying you with this every day before then. Winners will receive a bunch of fun things, including the book, which will actually be out by then.

Join The Deadspin Pants Party Pick 'Em Group

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