Jon Gruden Begs NFL Teams To Stop Firing Coaches Just For Him

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Five NFL coaches lost their jobs on Monday, just the latest round of mass firings aimed at clearing out possible jobs for Jon Gruden. A year earlier, NFL teams fired seven coaches in hopes that Gruden would want to move in. Some teams would apparently consider Gruden's younger brother, Jay, on the working theory that any Gruden is better than no Gruden. But we all know for whom the pink slips toll.


A Pioneer Press reporter asked Jon Gruden what he thought about so many teams firing so many people and breaking millions in contracts just to create vacancies that might entice him to leave ESPN. Here was his reply:

"I don't want to be considered for any of these jobs," said Gruden who won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay after the 2002 season but hasn't coached since 2008. "I don't want to be considered for anything. There are plenty of good candidates out there. I'm just sick for the guys who can no longer coach their teams. ... I'm hoping to do the best I can to hang on to my job."


There have been too many good men lost already. Please, NFL teams. Jon Gruden wishes for no more heads to roll in his name. And yet. Something tells me. We will know this bloodbath again, same time next year, and the flip phone that vibrates on the edge of the hot tub will be Gruden's.

Photo credit: AP