Jon Lester Is Not Happy About The Nacho Man

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Last night, Cubs shortstop Addison Russell crashed into the stands and absolutely destroyed an order of nachos a Cardinals fan was eating. It was hilarious! Watch it again, or watch it for the first time.

Everyone had a good laugh when Russell crashed into the nachos, and it was actually kind of cute when Russell returned with new nachos to make things right. Cubs starter Jon Lester was not laughing, though.


The Chicago Sun-Times reports Lester did not enjoy the scene:

“Great effort,” pitcher Jon Lester said. “But I don’t understand the other stuff.

“A guy fell into him and got nacho cheese on his arm and now he’s taking pictures and signing autographs. It shows you where our society’s at right now with all that stuff.”


You have to give Lester credit: He hits it right on the nose here. If there’s one sign of the downfall of American society, it’s definitely this.