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Jon Scheyer's Prank Was Pretty Darn Funny

Damn it. I hate when this happens. A guy you don't want to likes goes and pulls off a prank that can only be described as excellent. Goddamnit.

In the wee hours after cutting down the nets, Scheyer put these two Tweets up in quick succession:


The "please stop" one is what pushes it into the sublime, because he's smart enough to know that for every Duke lover calling to congratulate, there'll be ten Duke haters texting horrible naughty things.

Everyone fell for it. Hell, tipsters flooded our mailbox with "OMG Scheyer just drunken Tweeted his phone number lol!!!!1"

Of course, the number wasn't his. It belongs to Zach Kelly, Scheyer's high school teammate and two-time D3 National Champion with Washington University in St. Louis. Enjoy those thousands of calls and texts, Zach.


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