Jonathan Papelbon Will Sign Your Ball In Exchange For Nude Photos Of Your Ex-Wife

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Even if Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon suddenly goes through a horrid Gagne-like implosion, he will never have to worry about losing the hearts of the Fenway faithful. Consider this story, courtesy of Roto-World, as another reason for his deification. The story starts with a group of 40-something drunk-and-rowdies doing their 40-something drunk-and-rowdie thing above the Sox bullpen. One of the most inebriated gentleman (The "Hammer") starts whipping out naked pictures of his ex-wife. And then...:

One of them gets the idea that the "moneyshot" picture should be shown to the players in the Red Sox bullpen. So he folds the picture and flicks it over the railing so that it lands in the steps of the bullpen. And that is when the party really started.Papelbon comes out of the dugout during the game holding the picture in his hand with a bemused face looking for the guy who threw the picture. The whole section starts buzzing with excitement and Papelbon and the "Hammer's" friend who threw the picture start talking to each other. I cannot hear what was said, but during the next half-inning break, Papelbon emerges. The section goes nuts again and this time Papelbon signals to the "Hammer" to get ready to catch a pitch, and he throws a baseball to the "Hammer". It was signed by the entire Red Sox bullpen, and they wrote "Thanks for the bullpen pics".

Jonathan Papelbon, a hero to the boorish and blasted of Red Sox Nation.


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