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Jonathan Taylor Is No Longer Enrolled At Alabama [Update]

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Jonathan Taylor is no longer enrolled at Alabama, and the defensive lineman can’t re-enroll, reported today. It also pointed out that although the university isn’t calling this an expulsion it sure sounds like one.


Taylor was arrested Saturday on domestic violence charges and afterward kicked off the football team. The next day, the woman who accused Taylor recanted her story, but authorities said they were still investigating what happened because there was other evidence (injuries on the woman’s neck, a hole punched in a closet door). A Tuscaloosa sheriff’s office lieutenant said, “I believe something happened.”

Deborah Lane, associate vice president for university relations, wouldn’t specifically say Taylor was expelled. But reporter Melissa Brown points out that Taylor leaving and being ineligible for readmission follows Alabama’s expulsion guidelines, which indicate that the university president also might have been a part of the decision to end Taylor’s time at Alabama. Here’s what Brown included in her story (emphasis mine):

University Expulsion: Separation of the student from the University permanently or on an indefinite basis. A student permanently expelled is prohibited from reapplying to the University in the future or from earning a degree from any of its colleges or schools. Readmission of a student expelled on an indefinite basis may not occur within five years and shall require the recommendation of the Vice President for Student Affairs and approval of the Provost. If a disciplinary action results in the Judicial Administrator determining that expulsion is the appropriate sanction, then the Vice President for Student Affairs shall review the sanction and shall make the final decision to expel after consultation with the President of the University. Because a decision to expel a student is made after consultation with the President, a student has no right to request a review of the sanction of expulsion.


In a separate story, also got court documents that give more details about Taylor’s accuser told police when she recanted.

Nawab told police she “used her hands to cause the bruises around her neck,” according to court documents.

Nawab also said the damage officers saw to a door in her residence was done prior to Saturday night.

Her explanation to officers was that she was seeking revenge on Taylor, who she said she suspected was cheating on her again after cheating on her in December, according to court documents.

This was Taylor’s second arrest on domestic violence charges. He previously had been enrolled at Georgia but was kicked off the football team after he was arrested and accused of choking his girlfriend and hitting her several times with a closed fist inside a dorm room.

Update: Via, here’s a photo of the deposition in which an investigator explained how the woman recanted her story.

Illustration for article titled Jonathan Taylor Is No Longer Enrolled At Alabama [Update]

Mugshot via Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

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