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Jordan Soccer Just Beat Kuwait 21-0 In Women's Asian Cup Qualifiers

So here's the situation: Uzbekistan, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait are grouped in the Women's Asian Cup qualifiers. Only one team goes through to the tournament. Uzbekistan and Jordan are kind of good. Lebanon sucks. Kuwait is the worst, and it's not close.

Uzbekistan beat Lebanon 4-0, but also absolutely demolished Kuwait, 18-0. Jordan, however, beat Lebanon 5-0. Uzbekistan had a goal differential of +22 after two matches. Yesterday, Jordan, who only had a goal differential of +5, played Kuwait in their second match. There was a lot riding on the Jordan-Kuwait game, because the all-important final clash between Jordan and Uzbekistan is tomorrow.

Jordan and Uzbekistan are pretty even, but going into the Jordan-Kuwait match, Uzbekistan held a 17-goal advantage over Jordan. If Jordan somehow lost to Kuwait, they'd be virtually eliminated. If they drew, Jordan would still trail Uzbekistan by two points going into the final match. Even a close win wasn't enough. To grab the advantage over Uzbekistan, Jordan would have to win by 18 goals. That way, they'd hold the goal differential going into Sunday's match against Uzbekistan. With that advantage, they'd get through with a win or draw.


Jordan won 21-0. They were up 12-0 at half. Maysa Jbarah had eight goals, and Stephanie Al Naber chipped in with six. Kuwait were eliminated with the loss.

Jordan and Uzbekistan play Sunday. We'll let you know how it goes, maybe.

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