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Jose Abreu's Had A Run Of Bad Luck With His Groin Area

Photo: Jon Durr (Getty)

White Sox first baseman José Abreu will miss his team’s upcoming series with the Indians, as he was hospitalized and treated for “an ingrown hair infection in his right thigh.” That’s disconcerting and gross enough on its own, but when combined with the fact that Abreu just underwent surgery for a “strangled testicle” on August 20, it’s just been a really bad month to be in the general vicinity of Abreu’s dick and balls.

“Been a tough year. Obviously, a few different things,” said manager Rick Renteria as diplomatically as possibly. “He’s dealing with it as best as he possibly can. One of these things you don’t expect, but they’re dealing with it. He’s dealing with it, looking for a full recovery.”


Abreu was released from the hospital today. Renteria did not specify how high up on the thigh the ingrown hair was, but at least based on my understanding of anatomy, it couldn’t have been too far from the accursed area. Pray Abreu doesn’t get a UTI next.

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