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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Jose Canseco Finds His Calling On The Japanese MMA Circuit

Illustration for article titled Jose Canseco Finds His Calling On The Japanese MMA Circuit

I have seen some crazy things come out of the Japanese entertainment industry—trust me, you don't even know—but the country can make up for all that by having Jose Canseco fight a 7'2" Korean.


Canseco will headline the first round of the "Super Hulk Tournament - World Superman Championship," a mixed-weight, mixed-size martial arts free-for-all, against super heavyweight Hong Man Choi of South Korea. Choi is over seven-feet tall and weighs 327 pounds (yes, that main image is to scale) but believe it or not ... he's terrible! He's got a 1-2 lifetime record. Fortunately for Canseco, kicking a giant in the legs is actually allowed in this game.

Un-fortunately for Canseco, he is also terrible. His only "combat sport" experience is an ass-kicking from former St. Louis Cardinal Vai Sikahema and a three-round draw against Danny Bonaduce. So why not unite him with Choi and they can make a mockery of the sport together? Just make sure they don't try to pay you in yen, guys. (Or South African Rand.)


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