At the age of 47, and more than a decade removed from his career as a Major League player, Jose Canseco just won't quit trying to do what he loves the most: hitting on young women. According to a tipster, Canseco has taken a run at "about a half dozen" female employees aged 19-23 at a restaurant he's been frequenting in Worcester, Mass. At one point, Canseco even slipped the phone number you see above to a 19-year-old hostess. So has he been striking out? Says the tipster: "Not even a foul tip...just straight swinging through."

Oh, right: Canseco is in Woostah for the time being because he's still trying to play professional baseball for the independent Worcester Tornadoes, and he's already struck out five times in 16 at-bats. Our tipster also passed along several photos of one of Canseco's dining receipts in the hopes that we could present them as "sort of like Oddibe McDowell's water bill but more mundane." So here they are: