Jose Canseco Particularly Concerned With Government-Ordered Extermination

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Canseco, never one to filter his thoughts on Twitter, outdid himself this week. Sure, it's all likely part of some desperate attempt to drum up publicity, but...uh...damn. You're welcome, I guess. High(?)lights below:

If I where president [Ed. note: what's stopping you?] respect and honesty would be established again just like in japan learn from that culture

The government looks at us like if we where rats that need to be controoled or exterminated

Ok my girlfriend just woke up she's gonna kill me when she finds out what I said to u guys.ok got to go hey by the way love u guys

[Ed. note: Daw. Right back at you, big guy.]

U guys have no sense of humor losen up fuckers

[Ed. note: Hey! What about all that "love u guys" talk???]

I wanted to be a comedian or an actor or freddie krueger one two freddies coming for u

Hey stupid my testosterone levels are at 159

[Ed. note: Listen, we merely suggested you get them checked.]

But I could be bi polar or maybe just crazy who can figure it out

[Ed. note: Dunno. Maybe the guy who checks your testosterone? Doctor something?]

Goodbye all of my stupid inbread followers remember stupid is as stupid does.dammm I love u guys


[Ed. note: Mmm. Inbread.]

Didn't realize I was so powerful to ruin a trillion dollar indutry guess I am

[Ed. note: It's a little-known fact that Jose Canseco invented internet porn.]

I am back ur worst enemy the truth I am here to humble u and put u in ur place if u don't like it kiss my balls inbred loosers