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Jose Canseco, Professional Wrestler (Of Course)

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We're not even going to pretend to be surprised here: Jose Canseco is rumored to making an appearance at Wrestlemania this spring. Perhaps it is telling that the people who are most concerned about this development are not baseball fans, but wrestling fans. Seems like the WWE — remember, that's what it's called now, lest you confuse it with a bunch of cute pandas — has had its own troubles with steroids in the past, with president Vince McMahon having actually been indicted for distribution of illegal steroids. (Say what you will about Bud Selig, but that never happened to him.)

And now Canseco could end up at Wrestlemania, joining such esteemed baseball legends like Pete Rose (gamber), Billy Martin (drunk) and Tommy Lasorda (dangerous, overpowering addiction to baked ziti). We're still waiting to see Canseco's film audition tape, but until then, seeing him romp around a ring with guys in masks will have to do. (We guess that makes him the second baseball player to romp around a ring with guys in masks, after Indians minor league Kaz Tadano.)


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(By the way, that's current White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen giving Canseco a backrub. We won't even speculate what the backstory is there.)

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