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Okay, I suppose there are a lot of things a little wrong with Jose Canseco's latest Twitter freakout, but there's a whole plane full of parallels we can't miss. And those parallels make this much more than the ramblings dribbling out of a disgraced slugger's Dorito-dusted fingers.


There are the obvious links between Madonna and Gaga, which boiled over when some folks thought Gaga's "Born This Way" plagiarized Madonna. Madonna wanted to have Canseco's baby, but he turned her down, long before she started up with A-Rod. Gaga's last affiliation with baseball involved her raising hell at a Mets game and getting banned from Jerry Seinfeld's box. And Madonna and Seinfeld are kind of tight. Madonna and A-Rod copulated in Seinfeld's house. Canseco named A-Rod in his book as a steroid user before Selena Roberts broke the story of his positive tests.


Here's Canseco:

I love lady gaga wish I could meet her .would marry her in a second

Lady gaga is the truth get use to it

Her song Judas is what we fight with everyday since we are born evil

I am her night in baseball armor

She is the queen

You got all that? The moral of the story, as always, is that Jerry Seinfeld is the secret nexus of baseball and celebrity sleaze.

Jose Canseco [Twitter]

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