Jose Canseco Will Not Play In The Mexican League Because He Can't Pass A Drug Test

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When he's not periodically melting down or being the huggiest person on Twitter, Jose Canseco still plays the occasional game of baseball. Last year he was player/coach of the independent Yuma Scorpions (a position not without its risks), and this year was to be a step up in the world: the Mexican League, which is roughly equivalent to AAA ball. It would have been a challenge for the 47-year-old Canseco, but one he was willing to meet. Just not cleanly.

Yesterday the league president told ESPN Deportes that Canseco had refused to take a mandatory drug test, and admitted to him that he has been taking testosterone, a banned substance. Rather than get clean and try again, or serve a suspension, Canseco's just not going to bother.


At first he cried conspiracy, claiming "someone big wants me out of Mexico." But he later changed his tune, admitting to regular testosterone use. Years of steroid abuse have left him with low chronically testosterone, Canseco says, and he's got a prescription. Sadly for Jose, baseball doesn't care if you're taking it legally—they just care if you're taking it. So Mexico is not in the cards for Canseco, and it looks like it's back to the independents. And whatever else he's got going on these days.