José Mourinho Continues To Lose, Then Give Great Postgame Interviews

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Chelsea lost at home today, as they’ve been doing all season, and José Mourinho gave some performatively defiant comments about his tenuous job status, as he’s been doing all season. Chelsea’s season from hell got worse as they let Liverpool come back and beat them 3-1 on a pair of tremendous Coutinho strikes. Here’s Mourinho, full of militant self belief as always.


There are all manner of rumors about Mourinho’s status with Chelsea, who sit in 15th more than a quarter of the way through the season. Maybe he’ll return to Real? Or maybe he’s on his way to take PSG’s oil money? What about Inter? Regardless, Mourninho’s Chelsea have only won once in their past eight games, and he is truly under immense pressure, despite his insistence that he’s fine. If Chelsea don’t reverse their form, Mourinho could be out on his ass soon, and we might find out which one of the latest group of rumors is true.

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