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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

José Mourinho Is Still Talking That Good Shit

Illustration for article titled José Mourinho Is Still Talking That Good Shit
Photo: Dave Thompson (AP)

Look, I don’t know how much time he has left as the manager of Manchester United, and so I am begging you to enjoy José Mourinho in full Meltdown Mode while you still can. It really is one of the greatest shows in sports.


Since dropping some quick maths and demanding respect from the media following last week’s blowout loss to Tottenham, Mourinho doesn’t seem to have cooled off at all. During this morning’s press conference ahead of this weekend’s game against Burnley, his infinite stores of arrogance and insecurity were on full display.

Things started off with Mourinho being asked if he could still consider himself a great manager if he never wins a title with United. Mourinho easily dismissed such nonsense with a little philosophy lesson:


He eventually got going at full speed, and spent the rest of the press conference cutting a series of promos:

This guy really just looked the whole world in the face and boasted about a Europa League title based on the premise that it makes United the last English club to win any European title. He’s incredible!

Oh my God, can you imagine what’s going to happen if they lose to Burnley this weekend? I’m so ready.

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