Jose Reyes Is One Point Ahead Of Ryan Braun For The NL Batting Title With One Game To Play (UPDATE)

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No Met has ever won a batting title, and Reyes is hitting .336, while Braun is hitting .335.

The Mets play the Reds at 1:10, but the Brewers don't play until tonight. (Reyes has planned a viewing party for that game.) Complicating all of this is that Reyes has one game left on his contract with the Mets. He'll sign for megabucks somewhere this offseason, and that might not be in New York, even though he's been with the Mets since 2003, when he came up as a 19-year-old wunderkind with a fresh face and not terribly fresh leg bones.

Terry Collins says Reyes might come out if he gets a hit early. Imagine that: the Mets' most beloved son getting subbed out of what could be his final game to win the franchise its first batting title before he goes to sign in like, St. Louis or San Francisco? Agh, we are a ball of emotions right now. Anyway: Mets-Reds, right now. Forget that the pitching matchup is Edinson Volquez against Miguel Batista. Wish the season goodbye!


UPDATE: Reyes bunted for a single and got pulled for a pinch runner. Not with a bang, but with a skillfully deadened ball. Braun's gotta go 3-for-4 or better tonight to claim the crown.

Further UPDATE: Apparently the fans present and the Mets' broadcasters are upset that Reyes was pulled. Says Keith Hernandez: "Baseball is a microcosm of society and I don't know what to say. It's disappointing." And Ron Darling: "Just for the fans I would have sent him out to the field." (Via @sportswatch.)