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Judge Allows Former USA Gymnastics CEO To Put Off Deposition In Sex Abuse Lawsuit Until After Indy 500

Photo Credit: Bob Levey/Getty
Photo Credit: Bob Levey/Getty

A Los Angeles judge has ruled that former USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny can delay giving his deposition in a civil suit against him and the national governing body he led for over a decade until after the Indy 500.

No, Penny hasn’t picked up race car driving since he was forced to resign in March due to his handling of the sex abuse allegations against former team physician Larry Nassar. According to his lawyer, the reason Penny can’t be deposed until June 5th is because he needs to attend Indy 500-related parties and social functions this month in order to network and find a new job.

You see, Steve Penny is just like a recent college graduate: He puts on the ill-fitting suit his mother bought for him, hands out business cards, and then just sits around waiting to hear back from the HR manager who told him she was very interested in his CV.


I get it; it’s probably best to explain to a potential employer in person why your organization waited five weeks before reporting Nassar to the FBI and why USA Gymnastics failed to report predator coaches to the authorities for years. It’s really a much harder sell over email.

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Dvora Meyers is a staff writer at Deadspin.

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