The Aaron Hernandez murder trial began on Thursday, and yesterday Judge Susan Garsh had an interesting decision to make: Should jurors be allowed to watch tomorrow's Super Bowl? While the NFL certainly hopes their biggest game of the year isn't sullied with even the mere mention of the alleged double murderer, ostensibly NBC is an independent broadcaster and can talk about whatever they want. (Of course, we've seen what they do with their supposed independence before.) And since Aaron Hernandez was the leading receiver for the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, he may well become relevant to the broadcast.

The judge, perhaps not wanting to have 18 grumpy Boston-area jurors on her hands come Monday—though they may be that way anyways if the Patriots lose—decided the jurors could watch the Super Bowl. But she cautioned that they couldn't just flop out on the couch with an extra large pizza on their stomach, they had to stay vigilant for any mention of Hernandez or the case! Via CNN:

"I am not going to forbid you from watching the Super Bowl if that's something that's really important to you," she said.

But the judge closed the second day of testimony by advising jurors to be vigilant for mention of Hernandez, who helped lead the Patriots to Super Bowl XLVI nearly three years ago.

"You hear that word, you've got to walk out of the room," Garsh said. "Distance yourself."



Photo via CJ Gunther/AP