The story out of Florida domestic court this morning was that Chad Johnson was this close to entering his plea deal when, for some reason, judge Katie McHugh asked him if he was happy with his attorney's performance. Johnson said yes and slapped his ass. When Judge McHugh saw this she rescinded the plea deal and Johnson was thus ordered to serve 30 days in jail for his lack of courtroom decorum. Turns out she's blind.

Rookie judge Katie McHugh, who won her seat in November in an upset win over ethically-challenged former County Commish Ilene Lieberman, called herself “legally blind” during campaign appearances.

McHugh, 44, said she suffers from Stargardt’s Disease, a rare genetic condition.

And her handicap made it impossible for her to obtain a driver’s license!

Obviously Chad Johnson did slap his attorney's ass; that's not really in dispute. Looking at the bailiff's response, the entire courtroom probably had a pretty good chuckle over the whole thing and if she didn't actually see it with her own genetically-faulty eyes, Judge McHugh was able to piece it all together.

Chad and his attorney will still fight the decision to rashly drop the plea deal at the last minute, however, and this humorous little tidbit will just be another arrow in the quiver.

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