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Touchdown celebrations are cool. Touchdown celebrations that pantomime sex are even cooler.

To wit: Dolphins tight end Julius Thomas caught a touchdown pass in the second quarter of Sunday’s win over the Broncos. Thomas used to play for Denver, so his post-touchdown celebration was obvious: He hopped on a bucking bronco and rode it. But, it also looked like Julius Thomas was pretending to fuck the football.


Thomas gave some excellent quotes after the game:

“I just was thinking earlier this week, ‘Man, if I get an opportunity, you know you’ve gotta ride the bronco one time,’ so I had a little fun with it.” [...]

“I had some mixed reviews,” he said. “A lot of people thought it was creative. Some people, maybe it wasn’t their favorite one. But you don’t do a touchdown celebration to please anyone else but yourself, man. It’s your moment. You get like 20 seconds. It’s all yours.”

It would’ve helped if he had something more horse-shaped than a football, but that was the only thing available to him.

“If we had like a six-foot ball that I could’ve got some stirrups and got on, but I only had one prop,” Thomas said. “It was like high school drama class: just make the best of what we have. We didn’t have the Game of Thrones set professionals.”


Please get excited at the possibility of Julius Thomas riding a six-foot football at some point.

Another cool thing about Thomas’s bronco-or-sex celebration is how quickly Fox jumped away from it on replays. Check out these two:

Someone’s finger was a little slow on the button.

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