Jury Orders NFL To Pay $76,000 To Displaced Super Bowl Attendees

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Remember those hundreds of fans who wanted to sue the NFL after being displaced from their seats at the 2011 Super Bowl? Well, a few of them just got a shitload of money from the NFL.

A federal jury has ordered the NFL to pay $76,000 to some of the seven fans who sued—a judge previously denied the plaintiff's request for class-action status, so those who still want to sue have to do so in separate trials—after determining that the league breached its contract with its customers. The decision came after a week-long trial, which included testimony from both Roger Goodell and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

When word of lawsuits was first percolating, we called these litigious fans whiny babies. After all, they were compensated at three-times the face value of their original tickets, were still able to watch the game from a less-desirable location, were given free tickets to the 2012 Super Bowl, got a chance to go on the field after the game, and got free food, drinks, and merchandise. Still, if the NFL sells something to its fans, it should be able to deliver on what was promised. Nobody should be crying any tears because Roger Goodell took a loss.