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Just 363 Days Until The Next NFL Draft!

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Like most football fans, we watched the first round of the NFL Draft on Saturday. We were excited at the beginning, fooling ourselves into believing the recitation of names of people we don't know for four hours could be a scintillating experience, and watching Brady Quinn lose millions of dollars every 15 minutes kept our interest for a while too. But once he was drafted, we were out of steam and ready to watch, you know, actual sporting events where people run and jump and move around.


Some thoughts on an NFL Draft just passed.

• The NFL Network's coverage — we were fortunate enough to be outside New York City, where we could actually watch the network — was infinitely superior to the ESPN coverage. Frankly, it wasn't even close; the little "Team Needs" graphic at the bottom of the screen was oddly mesmerizing.

• That said, had we not watched ESPN's telecast, we would have never had the opportunity to stare, mouth agape, at whatever the hell has happened to Steve Young's face.

• Fortunately, Berman still had some fun.

• We received a pained text message from our man Mr. Daulerio after the Eagles traded up to pick that obscure quarterback in the second round. ("Reid has gotten into his son's heroin!") Eagles fans seem confused, but that's nothing new.

• Sadly, Lucious Pusey was not drafted.