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Just A Few More Weeks Until American Gladiators

Shortly after the new year, that "American Gladiators" show premieres on NBC. (It doesn't require much, you know, writing.) As longtime fans of the original, we are warily optimistic about this ... at least we were, until we read this on-set report.

Shouted over the PA, we hear directions given to these muscle-bound freaks of nature. The director says things like, "Howl for me, Wolf," and "More posing, Justice" and my personal favorite - "Look menacingly while you stare at your balls" (he was referring to the giant balls that were swinging from the rafters, I hope).

Hey, there's only one more "30 Rock." There ain't much more else on. Though we really wish Olbermann would show up at the midway point and tell us whom we should hate. We need signposts.


My Brain Says Rage has some info on this as well.

American Gladiators: A Saturday In The Gladiator Arena [LAist]

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