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All kinds of glee around college basketball this morning, because ding dong, Duke has lost. We always notice a bit of a buzz around this here Web world the morning after a Duke loss; the sun's a little brighter, the grass is a little greener, so on.

The big story from last night's loss to Florida State was the early bum rush of the court by Seminoles fans. There's been a lot of talk lately about the appropriateness of fans running on the court after wins, and we'll say that not only have we never had a problem with it, we find it sad that's it's not as prevalent as it used to be. When the Milwaukee Brewers beat the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 5 of the 1982 World Series, fans had a big party on the field afterwards even though the Brewers only had a 3-2 lead in the series. These days? Go ahead and try to run on the field after the Yankees clinch something; we give you five seconds until the snipers on the roof take you out.


Still: Probably good to wait until the game is over to run on the court. Not doing so gives Mike Krzyzewski opportunity to act all indignant afterwards, and nobody wants that.

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