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Just How Into God Is Michael Vick?

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Plenty of discussion yesterday on Michael Vick's apology following his guilty plea for that whole dogfighting business. Frankly, we were a little taken aback by Vick's press conference; as put it, it was "among the most apologetic remarks ever heard by a professional athlete." We had been expecting some sort of talking out of the side of Vick's mouth. But that's not what happened. He took full responsibility, blaming only himself. It is perhaps a level of fans' cynicism that we were all so surprised.


Fortunately, we cynics did get a reward; Vick started talking about Jesus. We don't remember Jesus coming up that often when he was bringing weed on planes — ahem — and electrocuting dogs, but apparently that was when there was just one set of footprints in the sand. We want to give Vick the benefit of the doubt and believe this transformation, but it's not really our decision anyway. Vick's going to have a lot of time to figure out what's real and what isn't. Football is the least of his concerns, and, frankly, since we weren't gonna draft Joey Harrington anyway, it's the least of ours.

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