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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Just Stop Calling Her "Babe-Raham Lincoln," Please

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Nets' dancer claims she's a far-flung descendant of Abraham Lincoln: Between that and her camera-friendly features, it's good enough for a President's Day-themed story for many. [Total Pro Sports]

Jonesin' for a pre-Bubble Breakdown?: Here's a pretty great rundown of the teams that'll be in — and those who still have a lot of work to do. [College Hoops Journal]

Marion/O'Neal trade really not that big of a deal?: So sayeth this young man, who calls the names in the deal "meaningless." [Focus Balanced, Trap Often]


Adam Eaton is aware of his limitations: And also knows he's probably never going to work out in Philadelphia. Finally. [We Should Be GM's]

Never Underestimate This Man's Kigey-ness: The competition at "YouTube Sports" is getting incredibly fierce. [Apartment 718]

Derek Jeter brings some new wood to Florida: Or he's just happy to see somebody...[3:10 To Joba]

Thoughts on the Sabres win over the Sharks: Heavy hearts in the arena make the victory that much more meaningful. [The Love Of Sports]


Sorry, Brandon Webb wasn't available: Yankees' fan not excited over Brett Tomko signing. [Oskeim Sports]

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