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Just The #Tips, Please, Starring Insensitive Jay Feely Tweets

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So this is a reminder to all readers and commenters that the #tips is a place for you to submit story ideas and suggestions for us to look over. Please use it at your leisure.

The Ninjas have been instructed to pop-in to that section a little more actively so that it's not overrun by the dreaded pink people offering you Russian mail-order brides and penis enlargement advertisements. We'll do a better job at popping in there from time to time and probably do a round-up type thing to showcase some of the more popular stories you, sports-savvy public, have deemed important. Help me help you help us or something.

For example, it seems that many people would like to see a post on Jay Feely's insensitivity about the Chris Henry accident. It would have been a post that deteriorated into political sniping in the comments (especially if it was written by Craggs) but, hey, that's how it works. And besides — Jay Feely apologized for coming off like a callous jerk soon after his initial Tweet had incensed so many people. I'm just glad Chad Ochocinco didn't compare this day to 9/11.


So use the section. Fun for the whole family.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Barry will be here later tonight to piss off more Florida people.

Now, it's off to the Gawker holiday party where we all get to hang mistletoe from our zippers and bob for pageview bonuses in eggnog.

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