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Just Two More Days Until Mayhem Reigns

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Time to wrap up today with a little game you might have heard about. We were scooped dramatically by ESPN on the Dead Schembechlers, but we will still try to keep up.

Here's some fun developments from Ohio State-Michigan land:

• When there's a pissing contest the likes of this one, the final decision might have to come down to famous alumni.


• Noted The Nation sports commentator Dave Zirin puts on his Tsk-Tsking hat to deride the "a raging bouillabaisse of
testosterone and alienation." And this is bad how? Do love the use of the word "bouillabaisse," however.

• If Michigan fans need a plan on how to survive Columbus unmolested, here's a handy primer.

• Time for a completely unsubstantiated and irresponsible story coming out of Columbus (those are so much FUN!), from a hotel worker in Columbus:

There was a slight problem with overbooking at the Blackwell and ESPN Gameday lost their rooms (money talks when it comes to endowment funds). All of the downtown hotels are full, but there were a few rooms available. Unfortunately there wasn't a room at the nice lofty hotel for Lee Corso.


So the lofty hotel placed a call to the person who had reserved a bunch of rooms for his buddies ... let's call him "#27."

Hotel to "#27:" Would you mind giving up your room for Corso so the whole gameday staff can be in one building (minus Kirk who will be staying at house in c-bus)?
"#27's" response: Tell Corso he can Fu@# me!


Careful: He might just take you up on that.

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