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Dallas is, to the casual and logical observer. But don't let the mayor of Arlington hear you. He might get mad.

"Does it make me angry? No. It's just something we have to overcome,"[Mayor Robert] Cluck said. "I'm frustrated. Sure. That's the word."


Cluck is referring to things like Mike McCarthy saying "we're thankful we're going to Dallas," and Mike Tomlin telling his players he'll "see everyone in Dallas." That really grinds his gears because Cowboys Stadium is, of course, technically located in Arlington, Texas.

Arlington's a big old city in its own right, and is justifiably proud of having the stadium. After all, they had to raise taxes, invoke eminent domain and kick out homeowners just to build it. But are they right to get huffy when someone says "Dallas?"

Here's a list of cities that have an NFL stadium but don't "have" an NFL team: Arlington, Landover, Miami Gardens, East Rutherford, Orchard Park, Foxborough. Have you heard of those places? Yes, and probably only because they have stadiums. That's good for business, but what's even better for business is having hotels and restaurants in the municipality, so you actually see the money that comes in. Arlington does, so they shouldn't get worried when someone hears Dallas Cowboys and thinks Dallas. We'd like to introduce Mayor Cluck to metonymy.

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