Justin Bieber Finally Punished For His Crimes Against Basketball

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By now, you’ve surely been made aware of the fact that Justin Bieber got tossed around after last night’s NBA Finals game between the Cavaliers and Warriors. Watch the scuffle below, if you haven’t seen it yet:


In ostensibly unrelated news, Bieber recently posted yet another video of himself playing basketball with all the verve and creativity of a Newton’s cradle:


There’s that goddamn useless crossover again—the one that once gave us the the most unintentionally hilarious basketball highlight in history—and there is Justin Bieber, still desperately trying to convince us that he is a real dope baller.


What do these two videos have to do with each other? Perhaps nothing. Or maybe, just maybe, whatever unseen force guides this universe is a basketball fan, and has grown tired of Bieber’s trash crossover, fraudulent highlight reel, and continued presence in NBA locker rooms. Maybe his appearance at last night’s Finals game was the last straw. Or, I don’t know, maybe the guy who roughed him up was just making fun of his hair.

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