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Justin Gimelstob: Tennis Shlub, Sound Bite Provocateur

Who is Justin Gimelstob, you ask? Great question. He is a former pro tennis player now kicking around on the World Team Tennis, as a player for the Washington Kastles. He's also a writer for, which is more than enough reason for Bog king Dan Steinberg to get some hilariously candid quotes from the man anytime he's available. Gimelstob, who has bragged about many of his famous and semi-famous female conquests (Martina Hingis, Charlie Sheen's new wife) and his active dislike of Anna Kournikova recently unloaded on everybody's least favorite ESPN crank, Skip Bayless:

"[I]think Skip Bayless is the absolute biggest travesty in history. When I get to the point where I'm at that level, I will absolutely destroy him. I will tear him apart....Nobody goes backwards and holds him accountable. That guy has made a living out of being a contrarian, not by being good at what he does. And that's why I would destroy that guy on live television based on my ability to process information quicker and in a wittier way than he could."


That would be an episode of First Take that I think everyone would tolerate for more than 24 seconds.

How Justin Gimelstob = Gilbert Arenas [D.C. Bog]


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