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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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• Work that camera, Royals. [Babes Love Baseball]
• Moises Alou's apology to Steve Bartman. [Food Court Lunch]
• Plaster in the boxing gloves? That's probably cheating. [Machochip]
• Nice pearls, Asdrubal Cabrera. [The Slanch Report]
• Dustin Pedroia will get this commercial thing down soon enough. [Sox & Dawgs]
• How does Adrian Peterson feel about the nickname Purple Jesus? [FanHouse]
• Chris Douglas-Roberts dunks like Kobe. [Rush The Court]
• Point and laugh at Kevin Love! [Stet Sports Blog]
• Reviewing [UmpBump]
• Bob Knight is dazed by Dick Vitale. [The Sports Hernia]
• The seven fastest starts in baseball. [scans for Chris Shelton] Yep. And +1 for the magnificent selection of Chris Shelton in a Mud Hens uniform. [Joe Sports Fan]


Also, let's give some love to Miami University basketball coach, Charlie Coles, fighting heart-related issues. As much as one wants to hate Miami University coming from this side of Ohio, you gotta respect that man as a coach, and oddly enough actually kinda like the guy.

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