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Kansas Fans Have Every Right To Hate Roy Williams

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The general consensus concerning Roy Williams' "return" against Kansas at the Final Four this week is that it just broke his heart to leave Lawrence, and that any Jayhawks fan who is still angry with him is just being bitter. But on, a Kansas fan message board, a poster named "pgalichia" sums up Jayhawks' fans' grievances with Williams quite succinctly. OK, maybe not succinctly, but he makes a good case.


Money quote:

Roy is so tortured about being hated by KU fans, but, like most egomaniacs, Roy wants it both ways, to be loved by one divorced fan base while being married to another, no matter what happened in between, and hence all his moaning about those dadgum great things he done for the good people of Kansas. Roy's got some weird personality disorder — he MUST be admired and remembered the exact way that HE wants to be remembered. It's the same quote over and over ad infinitum: "I gave my all, and no one appreciates me anymore..." Well ... a) it was your job to give your all, for which you were paid like an oil baron and fawned over like a rock star and b) just be a man with your decision and quit crying about it like a sixteen year old girl whose ex-boyfriend won't return her calls anymore after she ran off with the JV quarterback. It's ridiculous. I'm tired of the media and talking heads portraying KU fans as this whining group that has no right to feel about the guy the way they want to. All these articles wouldn't dare criticize or at least point out that Roy is emotionally off his rocker, also, and just because he won a bunch of games at KU he deserves to be let off the hook for being a jack ass about the whole UNC thing. KU fans are being absurd? I think it's the other way around.

Does raise the stakes a little bit; we're certainly looking at the situation a little differently. That's about as compelling a case as we can imagine.