Kanye West's New Song Is So Bullshit

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I’ve been a Kanye West stan since high school. I’m on record as saying he has like 18 perfect songs. I’ve dressed up as Kanye for Halloween, twice. I’ve publicly hailed “All Day” as an unmatched sonic triumph even though I know it’s just okay. 808s & Heartbreak made me cry, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the best rap album of all time. I listen to Yeezus alone. I’ve argued that, actually, Kanye’s a better lyricist than Kendrick Lamar. I think the Kardashians are basically fine. I’ve looped this video for days in order to hear that one jam he has with Sia. When he hangs out with Louis Farrakhan and Ben Carson, I tell people to let him live. I think his new shoes are ugly, but I’d wear them every day. I’d pay like $80 for his $120 plain white cotton tee. I thought him being a dick to Taylor Swift was cool. I’m in the hole for this man. I’m in deep.

That said, his new song, “Facts,” is bullshit. He rants about shoes and fashion and being rich and shit over a “Jumpman” sample, and it is perhaps the most bullshit thing I’ve ever heard. In it, he says, “Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby? / Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey?” and nobody knows what the fuck that means. It is actively, savagely bad, and the rambling of a man who would exclaim, “Facts!” after proffering forth an opinion.

I did not make it to the end of this song until I deigned to write this here blog, and now that I’ve made it there, I’m left with many questions. Here are some: Does Kanye suck now? Did Kanye always suck? If not, why does he suck now? What ruined him? Was it fatherhood? Was it Kim? Was it Tyga? Is this shit going to be on the new album? Is there even a new album? If so, do I even want it?


This song is bullshit; Kanye has been bullshit for some time now; I am Worried that my favorite musician has become irrevocably bullshit.