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Kawhi Said "Fuck" [Update]

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Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse told a story ahead of Monday night’s potential series-clincher Game 5, one that demonstrates the confidence and competitive spirit of basketball robot and Finals MVP frontrunner Kawhi Leonard. Shockingly, it has to do with Kawhi Leonard saying something aloud. Even more shockingly, when Kawhi allegedly said these words aloud, he said them without someone dragging the words out of him. He just ... said them, on his own. Incredible. Here are the words, or, anyway, some of them:


Is it possible Kawhi Leonard actually uttered the words “expletive that”? Yes, you cannot rule out some kind of language glitch or toggled childproof setting in his CPU. It seems more likely that Kawhi said “fuck that” and NBA reporters are stuck with stuffy-ass social media rules. If true, this is a big step up for Kawhi. Last year he laughed, this year he said “fuck.” Truly he is blossoming before our very eyes.

UPDATE: Some clarity! Apparently Nick Nurse is a big huge dork:

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