This virtual lady here is "Crimson Hawk," a comic book/graphic novel heroine who is "the world's sexiest, most powerful, and most frequently defeated, humiliated and ravished superheroine." (Link NSFW.) She's the only known existence of the "Crimson Hawk" name occurring in the popular lexicon, save for a stray Transformer here or there.

Anyway, the "Crimson Hawk" is now the official nickname for Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It seems they didn't know that their invented nickname term wasn't unique to them.

So before the university went ahead and adopted the Crimson Hawk as the new nickname - as it did Friday at the board of trustees meeting - you'd think at least one person in John Sutton Hall would have taken the initiative to find out what exactly a Crimson Hawk is. A quick Google search leads one to find something rather, um, unique, when you type "Crimson Hawk" into the search box. The first link you come to is for a Web site of an adults-only cartoon starring a blonde, busty woman named Crimson Hawk.

No joke. IUP's student-athletes now share the same name as an adults-only cartoon. Not only that, it's a cartoon of a "superhero" who is usually embarrassed by the opposition.


Honestly, we don't see what the problem is. The mascot possibilities are endless; should be good for morale too.

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