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Keeper Gets Medical OK One Day After Spinning In Air, Landing On Head

Yesterday, Villarreal goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo took an ugly tumble, cartwheeling through the air after leaping for a ball and landing flush on his neck. Despite feeling "dizzy" and "groggy," Asenjo continued playing. Despite not remembering the incident, he's already been cleared to play again.

Per AS, here's what Asenjo recollects about the injury:

"I can't really remember how it happened. The doctors asked me about it and later, I was a bit shocked when I saw the TV images of it. I just thought I'd taken a blow to the head and not twisted my neck".


"The rush of adrenaline forces you to continue [in the match] but once I got back to the dressing room I began to feel dizzy and that's why they ran tests – more as a precaution than anything else. I was left a bit groggy by the fall but I felt ok to play. At no point did I lose consciousness, I just felt a bit dizzy back in the changing room".


If those symptoms weren't enough to get team doctors to take him out of the game, it's not a surprise they've already gave him the go-ahead to return to training. Asenjo had this to say about his recovery:

"I'll be taking this week a little more relaxed than usual. Right now, I feel fine but seeing as the league's on hold, I'll take my time to recover well. [...] "It was a shock, nothing more," he explained. "Now I'll rest for a couple of days and that's that".

Soccer really needs better concussion protocols.



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