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Keeping Up With Wild Card Weekend

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If you happen to find yourself in contact with a fan of the Steelers or the Redskins you should probably just give them their space. It wasn't a good night, and judging from the stuff I've already heard on ESPN, it's not going to be a good morning or afternoon. The Steelers stormed back from an 18 point deficit only to see David Garrard set up Josh Scobee for what would be the game winning field goal. The Steelers had another chance but Big Ben lost the football on a sack and that was that, and that blows if you're a yinzer.
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We're back to a regular Sunday schedule for today's games, meaning the Giants and Buccaneers will get things started at 1 pm from the big dumb pirate ship. It's Eli vs. Garcia for the right to play an ugly game against Brad Johnson and the Dallas Cowboys (I'm just assuming something happens to Romo in Mexico).

The late afternoon game takes us out to sunny southern California for the Chargers showdown against Albert Haynesworth III's Tennessee Titans. Get ready for plenty of Philip "Floats" Rivers and Vince "/limp" Young. Obviously I'll be around all day to fill you in on what you're missing in case you aren't actually watching. HUZZAH!