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Ever since Keith Olbermann left the ESPN airwaves eight months ago, there has been a conspicuous lack of uppercutting people into volcanoes and dropkicking them through glass doors in our lives. But there was no way the man who made his post-SportsCenter name exchanging haymakers with the Bush administration could stay away from the farce of a primary season we’re having, and today he entered the fray with a blistering op-ed in the Washington Post.

As it turns out, for the past nine years Olbermann has owned a condo in a building managed by Donald Trump, the half-sentient rotting Halloween pumpkin running for president. He is so disturbed by Trump’s campaign—you know, the support from KKK leaders, the professed desire to ban Muslims from entering the country—that while he isn’t moving to Canada (here’s how to do that, by the way), he is selling his condo and moving out of the Trump building.


“Who cares about Olbermann’s humble brag that he can afford a place in a Trump building?” you might ask, and that’s a fair question. But more to the point, Olbermann is a world-class righteous insulter—and Trump a world-class target—and watching him work his magic on a worthy target will always be worth your time. For instance:

I’m getting out because of the degree to which the very name “Trump” has degraded the public discourse and the nation itself. I can’t hear, or see, or say that name any longer without spitting. Frankly, I’m running out of Trump spit.

And, yes, I’m fully aware that I’m blaming a guy with the historically unique fashion combination of a cheap baseball cap and Oompa Loompa makeup for coarsening politics even though, out of the two of us, I’m the one who has promulgated a “Worst Persons in the World” list for most of the past decade. That’s how vulgar this has all become. It’s worse even than Worst Persons.



All this coarseness is largely masking the truth that the Trump campaign is entirely about coarseness. Take away the unmappable comb-over and the unstoppable mouth and the Freudian-rich debates about genitalia, and there is no Trump campaign. Donald Trump’s few forays into actual issues suggest he is startlingly unaware of how the presidency or even ordinary governance works.

Good to know Keith still has his fastball.

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