Kellen Winslow Jr. Convicted Of Forcible Rape, Indecent Exposure, And Lewd Conduct

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Photo: Nelvin C. Cepeda (AP)

Former Pro Bowl tight end Kellen Winslow II was convicted of rape, indecent exposure, and lewd conduct in a California courtroom Monday. The jury has reportedly been sent back to continue deliberating on eight additional charges, including six felonies stemming from an arrest in June 2018.

Winslow was convicted in the 2018 rape of a 58-year-old Encinitas woman identified as Jane Doe 2. She was reportedly homeless at the time of the attack, and had had previous interactions with Winslow, who’d given her food, cash, and rides in the past, including an incident where he allegedly offered to pay her for sex. On May 13 of last year, Winslow pulled up to where she was hanging out with friends, near a transit station. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports summarized Jane Doe 2's testimony last month:

She walked over to speak with him because, other than the prostitution proposition, he’d always been nice. He asked if she wanted to go get dinner. She suggested coffee. He agreed. She climbed in, bringing all her belongings in crude grocery store bags but forgetting her cell phone, which she’d lent to a friend.

As they drove, she began to get concerned that they were headed in a direction where there were no coffee shops. Then the road, Manchester Avenue, grew dark in the vicinity of the San Elijo Lagoon. That’s when he pulled over, shut the car off, got out and began walking around to the passenger side.

Terrified, she said she locked the door only to have him unlock it with his key fob.

“He like held me, grabbed my arm,” she testified, slowly. “He said, ‘We’re going to have sex.’ I said, ‘Please don’t do this.’ I said it like four times. He said, ‘It’s a done deal.’”

What followed was a forceful and painful attack, Doe left with what she believed was no way out against the 6-foot-5, 240-pound former tight end.

“I was afraid of him,” she said. “He was a super big guy.”

The other convictions announced Monday stem from separate, unrelated incidents. The indecent exposure conviction comes from an incident in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, a community in Encinitas, just days after the May 2018 rape of Jane Doe 2. Winslow approached a 58-year-old woman gardening in her front yard, followed her around her house, and exposed himself before leaving on a bicycle. The lewd conduct conviction comes from an incident from just a few months ago, while Winslow was out on bail from the rape charge, and was arrested for harassing a 77-year-old woman in a Carlsbad gym by masturbating in front of her. Jurors seemed to be having a hard time coming to agreement on any of the charges as recently as Friday, which was their third day of deliberations:


Winslow has also been charged with, among other things, raping an unconscious teenager in 2003, and with kidnapping and residential burglary. Winslow is reportedly facing 15 years to life for the rape conviction.