Since then, players — including members of the Dream — have advocated for Warnock to help flip the Senate in a pivotal Georgia Senate race. Players wore shirts, went to protests, and took to social media to persuade voters to vote for him.


If both Senate seats in Georgia are won by Democrats it would give the Democrats control of the House, Senate, and White House making Bills easier to pass without Republicans having blocking power. Millions have already voted early in the state but voting ends on Tuesday.

This latest stunt by Loeffler shows that her leadership style is not acceptable for a position that carries as much weight as this. If she can’t understand at best or blatantly ignore at worst, the dangers of using tactics such as darkening skin, then she won’t be able to make adequate laws for a country that is continuing to look browner and browner every day.


Georgia please do us all a favor and send Loeffler to the crib, and hopefully, the WNBA can follow suit soon.

This is bigger than sports and politics, this about creating a more decent society.