Kelly, you are not appropriately dressed for the conditions! Next time try to be more like your friend Rajon Rondo.

This picture comes to us from reader Danny, who offers his description of Rondo and Olynyk's night at Fenway:

I happened to be standing directly behind Rondo. He was also there with a freezing cold Kelly Olynyk. That lady he took the picture with was talking his ear off all game long, but Rondo seemed to tolerate it, to his credit. Rondo and Olynyk arrived in the 4th and left in the 8th.

I don't think Rondo and Olynyk said more than two words to one another the entire night.


I wouldn't read too much into Rondo and Olynyk's lack of conversation. It's pretty hard to not be miserable and silent while watching a baseball game in the freezing cold.