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Kelvin Sampson Is At It Again

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Forgive us a moment of Illini "outrage" here, but Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson, the guy who bolted Oklahoma after making improper phone calls to recruits that ended up putting the school on probation, is at it again in Bloomington.

After some more improper calls, Indiana has been forced to "punish" him again.

As a result of participating in three-way recruiting calls (dirty, dirty three way), Sampson has been stripped of a scheduled $500K bonus for the 2007-2008 season, the team loses a scholarship, now down to 12, and assistant coach Rob Senderhoff, who set up the calls, will be banned from recruiting for one year.


The move is seen as a preemptive strike against any potential NCAA punishments. Indiana should be much better this year, thanks largely to recruit Eric Gordon (which Sampson swiped from Illinois, infuriating many of his fellow Big Ten coaches), but they've now officially wiped the regime of Bob Knight off the books. Say what you will about Knight, but this was never a problem with him. He was too busy strangling the players he already had.

Sorry: We're still a little fired up about this. It's probably our trip to Champaign this weekend; we're feeling the Orange and Blue today.

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