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Ken Lucas Owns A Hyperbaric Chamber, And A Black Eye

Panthers' wide receiver Steve Smith got into it with cornerback Ken Lucas earlier today in training camp, the fracas resulting in Lucas being sped off the practice field in a cart with an ice pack over his left eye. But that's not what caught my attention about Lucas. While looking up background on him, I stumbled on the fact that he apparently owns and endorses a hyperbaric chamber. Shades of Michael Jackson! First, the fight:

The melee came while most starters were on the sidelines during a special teams drill at training camp. It was unclear what provoked the fight. Several players and coach John Fox rushed to both players. Fox tried to separate the two, but it took linebacker Jon Beason to pull Smith off Lucas. Lucas walked to a tent, holding his head while accompanied by a trainer. Smith was then escorted there by receiver Muhsin Muhammad to talk to Lucas. After being treated for several minutes, the Panthers' starting cornerback walked onto a cart and was taken to the locker room. There was no immediate update on the extent of his injuries.


One would guess that Lucas headed straight home to his chamber to shut out the world. He endorses the contraption here, along with several other athletes, including Plaxico Burress and Terrell Owens. And also Sylvester Stallone, who purportedly slept in one during the time he was filming Rocky. From the site:

Mild hyperbaric therapy speeds recovery from sports injuries, gives the athlete faster recovery from workout, increases energy and mental clarity on and off the field. By providing more oxygen at the cellular level, healing is rapid, energy levels are high and the athlete is able to focus and perform at peak levels.

Well, you had me sold. Until I saw this. Fight In Panthers Camp Ends With Lucas Carted Off Field [USA Today] Hyberbaric Therapy Center []

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