We generally appreciate Rosenthal, even if he does on occasion throw some shit at the wall. We're therefore delighted to see he'll be making the bow tie a permanent addition to the wardrobe, at least for this season. And it's for a good cause.

Via Hardball Talk, Rosenthal will be wearing a different one each week on air to represent different causes, including Livestrong and the Ronald McDonald House. He'll also have the chance to say a few things about each charity.

(Interestingly, the whole bow-ties-for-charity thing is an initiative of the Bengals' Dhani Jones.)

Raising awareness and seeing Ken Rosenthal in a bow tie? Everybody wins, except perhaps Rosenthal, who says he initially hated the idea of wearing them, first forced upon him by his FOX bosses at the World Series.

[T]he first time Joe Buck asked me on air about the bow tie, I said, "My wife and two daughters are playing the entire Series under protest."

Truth be told, I was, too.

But we have to agree with Hardball Talk, who says Rosenthal "totally fits the mold of a bow tie wearer." It just works, Ken doll.


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